The Starting Line


What's up Sole Sistahs!

Please read my welcome letter below and I embrace you with a VIRTUAL HUG to the Kickin' Azphalt with Sole Running Academy. This is the first of many courses that I will be providing my Sole Sistahs over the course of your running journey. Perhaps you're new to running or starting over after a hiatus. Whatever the case may be, WELCOME!

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So you want to learn how to run? That's AWESOME! I'm sooooo freaking PROUD of you because you're doing what most would find to be HARD to do! Let me tell you, when I first started running, it wasn't an easy thing for me. I weighed over 200 pounds and trying to keep up with my then, 15 year old daughter (who is now 23) was not something that I enjoyed initially. Fast forward 8 years later, I've had an interesting journey that I would not trade for nothing.

You're probably wondering "Where do I begin?" Well let me tell you, it takes determination, consistency, patience, and most of all the willingness to NOT GIVE UP just because you're not progressing at the rate you thought you would. As long as you follow my course along with the tips and tricks to get you going, you will do GREAT!

So let's get started!

Fun Facts about Coach TK

Listen to Coach TK discuss how to get started! Also, don't forget to subscribe to her Podcast so you will always have access to her voice while on your journey!

If you don't have a copy of our Ebook on going from the Couch to the Azphalt, click the link below and you will have immediate access. The content from this book is the foundation of this course. Inside the book I give you an outline of how to get started, but this course actually expands into more details to give you an overview of how to move through your journey with ease along with some resources you can use that was not discussed in the book.

Enjoy and Happy Running!

Coach TK

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